Cell Culture Process Development

Construction of stable cell Lines for manufacture aims to provide customers with the best cell lines construction. Starting from participating in the optimal clone screening, we conducted DOE optimization on medium, inoculation density, feeding and bioreactor process control strategy to maximize expression, increase reproducibility and facilitate process scalability and robustness.

Construction of Stable Cell Lines for Manufacture services:
Cell line Construction and cloning screening
Domestication of suspension culture of cell lines
Domestication of cell lines in serum-free/animal protein-free medium
Optimization and evaluation of culture medium
Exploitation of batch feeding bioreactor
Characterization and optimization of cell culture
Manufacture scale-up
Production of preclinical cell culture batch production
Main equipment of cell culture R&D laboratory:
Finesse system
1L bioreactor(Applikon)
3L bioreactor(Applikon、Finesse)
15L bioreactor(Applikon、Finesse)
Vi-Cell (Beckman Coulter)
Cedex (Roche)
Smart Lab system

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